Make music
make a difference

We don’t just have a task force for positive impact.
It’s the reason we exist.

Kupid’s Play is a cause-based international media company dedicated to raising global consciousness. Our creative, focused, and strategic team supports artists who make a positive impact on the Earth through the commercial mainstream. We measure success not just in achieving entertainment industry benchmarks, but by setting a precedent for this business to be an agent of global change for a peaceful, healthy, and equitable world.

Kupid's Play commitment to end poverty

Feed the World

In the time it takes to play a pop song, 18 children die from hunger. We are committed to music that speaks to the heart in every note and move people to care for others. The biggest shortage in the world isn’t food—it’s love.

Kupid's Play music, video, words and events support global peace

Declare Peace

All over the world, people have to flee their homes or hide in shelters to survive war. Lands that should have grown food are filled with mines. We need to defuse the anger, hatred and revenge that threaten all life. Our music, video, words, and events support inner and outer peace.

Kupid's Play artist Parvati singing at the North Pole

Keep it Cool

This overheating planet is choking on carbon emissions, leading to devastating wildfires, droughts, floods, and storms. But the worst disaster of all is our collective apathy. Our creative content cools minds, warms hearts, and creates the largest protected area in history to safeguard our planet’s air conditioner.

We can. We are. Join us.