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PARVATI: The Voice of Change

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From the dream of a whale to songs at the North Pole, to a vision of peace and a call to stand up for a healthy planet, the Toronto-based singer, producer and activist Parvati is transforming the world.

It’s been seven years since we last spoke to Parvati. At that time, she was just back from the North Pole where she gave the northernmost musical performance ever, to raise awareness of the melting polar ice. Since that interview, the political and environmental climates have changed radically. We have seen a spike in extreme human rights violations as well as unprecedented hurricanes, forest fires, famines, floods and droughts. Yet, Parvati says that with the advancement of technology and the speed at which our environment is changing, this is a pivotal moment in human history when we have never had a greater opportunity to come together as one Earth family. Whether it is by working alongside the United Nations, convincing global leaders to shift to sustainability or touching the hearts of the world through the pop music mainstream, Parvati is the voice of change.

Parvati sings and produces lushly layered dance-pop music and electronic soundscapes, created in her Toronto-based studio. Her single “I Am Light”, released in 2016, boldly weaves sparkling lyrics about enlightenment with hooky pop melodies and dance beats – crystallizing her own musical genre of celestial pop.

The North Pole performance was a game-changer for Parvati. Her first-hand experience of the effects of ice loss in the Arctic led her to found the not-for-profit whose first order of business is MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Her dedication to MAPS is total; she volunteers her time and all her creative work to its immediate realization.

In a time when most female singers go for low, raspy or throaty tones, Parvati’s vocals are open, light and angelic. Her lyrics are lucid, insightful yet conversational. The overall feel is sensual in the purest meaning of the word: awakening the senses themselves. There is an unabashed force of freshness that shines through all of Parvati’s work. Poised to make its mark on the charts, it’s effervescent, hooky, danceable, and at the same time feels deeply timeless.

Cashbox Canada spoke with Parvati about what it means to be a musician championing a global intervention.

Parvati at the North Pole
Parvati at the North Pole

MAPS is the world’s largest marine protected area. Why is it your focus? 

Well, my biggest source of creative inspiration is Nature: its sounds, its rhythms, its voice. It’s symphonic and multidimensionally so rich, open and whole. I strive to express that beauty, power and wisdom in my songs and productions. For me, MAPS is the quintessential expression of that.

MAPS started during an unusually hot Toronto summer when I was planning a musical tour of Asia, but I kept having an intense recurring dream of lying on ice while a blue whale waited for me in the ocean beneath. Some dreams you just dismiss, but this one felt like a call to listen.
So, I told my manager that I needed to postpone my Asia tour and travel instead to perform at the North Pole.

What was that like? 

I sang four songs there – because of the freezing cold, batteries would die almost instantly, so I had to nail each song in one take for the video. In the video of one of the songs, we include some outtake footage of how I had to play the backing tracks from an iPad that was stuffed into my flight suit costume – which was a repurposed WW2 paratrooper suit that I blinged out and painted gold because I performed there as my character Natamba – to keep it warm, because all the other electronics had already failed.

Amazingly, when I arrived in Canada’s most northern village, two Inuit elders greeted me saying they had known I was coming to do healing work for the planet – the whale had told them. Major goosebumps! I realized in that moment that I was playing my part in something vast and purposeful beyond my understanding. Nature’s intelligence works through us when we are willing to listen.

So that’s why protecting the Arctic is so important to you? 

It’s not about me. The rapidly melting polar ice is actually a global crisis that has been under the radar for a long time. People don’t realize this is the source of many of our world’s problems. That is because the polar ice is like our planet’s air conditioning system. It reflects most of the sun’s rays back into space. But it’s melting fast in what scientists are calling a death spiral. It’s a vicious cycle: the more the ice melts, the more the planet heats up, causing more ice to melt. Coral reefs die. The sea levels rise. Coastlines are sinking. Crops are failing. People are starving. Over 1000 children are dying every day because of climate change.

But if the ice is melting, what difference will it really make to create a protected area? Is it just about saving the whales? 

Well, whales are more effective in stopping climate change even than trees, so we have to protect them. I was blown away when I learned that whales play a hugely critical role in balancing our ecosystems. That said, what MAPS does is set the boundary: everybody out. It was actually in a meeting I had with Bob Geldof’s partner in Live Aid, the legendary concert promoter Harvey Goldsmith – he is part of our MAPS production team. He looked at the circle in our logo. I remember how he ran his finger around it several times and said, “This is so simple. Everybody out. Keep off the grass.”

We need to stop interfering and let the ecosystem heal. And what I really love, at the same time, is that by taking Arctic oil off the table, MAPS inspires a global shift to renewable energy. MAPS is a simple and effective solution on so many levels. But it has to happen immediately – before more ice melts. And it is melting fast – there is already 75% less ice in the summer than there was 50 years ago.

As a musician, how do you expect to accomplish something as big as MAPS? 

For me, each creation is like a birth. As a touring musician, I tap into a beautiful field of interconnection where it literally feels like we are all one. So from this perspective, I feel like MAPS is already born. My dream is that each newborn creation grows to serve the world, with its own distinct personality. Now, this exists with the specific intention to awaken an inner call to action in people everywhere and in our world leaders for MAPS.

So I sat down with my label, Kupid’s Play, and asked, “How can we make that happen?” We came up with an innovative public education strategy using my creative work to broadcast MAPS to different people with different interests. I have been going through a massive creative process writing, producing and engineering records that range in tone from peaceful symphonic compositions to feel-good radio singles and EDM tracks – five albums worth of material actually, and four different tours coming up to bring it all to the world.

You touched on something important with “I Am Light”: making an accessible and incredibly uplifting message that mainstream wants to get behind. 

Yeah, it was the first time I heard one of my songs on Top 40 radio alongside Coldplay and Ed Sheeran, which was a really exciting experience. And I was touched to see “I Am Light” play in so many countries where I have not yet toured. The best really is that it all resulted in people feeling inspired to keep their footprint on our planet light. The music video, which has a cameo by my friend Markjan Winnick of “Vikings”, stars Natamba in a story of interconnection and the power to light up the world. “I Am Light” brought awareness to MAPS, so we realized we just needed to take that to a whole new level.

It’s not the first time you’ve used spiritual references in your music. You have a song called “Yoga in the Nightclub”. What role do meditation and yoga play in your work? 

Yoga and meditation are a massive part of my life and are the foundation for all my creative work. I owned a couple of yoga studios in Montreal and Toronto and developed a yoga style called YEM: Yoga As Energy Medicine. YEM gives people a way to feel their connection with the planet. I have a few YEM DVDs, TV content and a YEM book coming out to support this. Plus, the yoga community around the world really gets the importance of caring for others and for our planet. So inspiring them with MAPS is an obvious choice.

“Yoga in the Nightclub”, which I will release for MAPS, is a house track about finding presence everywhere. The music video features a couple of kick-ass superheroes who are a modern take on some of the most potent changemakers in mythological history. They’ll show up in some of my other works too, like a young adult fiction series called Aonani of Avalon that portrays a world protected by MAPS.

How do you go from writing for a three-minute song to writing a full-length book? 

It’s all coming from the same source. There is so much in me that needs to come out. And MAPS is really inspiring! Other than the YEM book, I have a self-help book called Confessions from Your Awakened Self and run Parvati Magazine, which features amazing leaders in multiple fields, from Grammy-winning musicians to Olympic medalists to bestselling authors and influencers. All vehicles to bring MAPS to that many more demographics.

Picture this: Justin Trudeau is on his way to work and hears a news spot about MAPS on CBC. He gets to the office and there are a thousand letters calling for MAPS. At the gym after work, he hears one of my songs on the radio. He gets home to see his wife Sophie doing yoga to a YEM DVD. Then he notices his kids are reading Aonani. When he arrives at work the next day, there on his desk is the MAPS Treaty. He can’t help but sign it.

It’s hard to picture Donald Trump in that scenario. You’ve got to imagine there are going to be those who oppose MAPS. 

I am not in any way interested in politics. and MAPS are non-political and non-partisan. And I literally have no time for any thoughts of opposition. If someone were abusing your mother, you would do all you could to protect her. That is our situation in the Arctic. So that is what I am focused on. It’s been amazing to see how people in Africa and the South Pacific, for example, have resonated with MAPS. Many of our volunteers are from those areas, seeing the effects of the loss of polar ice first hand.

But will that translate to support at the international level? 

Well, a little backstory: has created the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty. That’s a binding, international legal document that closes up a major loophole in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea so that the entire Arctic can be protected, instead of just a small patch of high seas near the North Pole. When 99 countries sign, MAPS enters into force.

So the big news – we just got our first MAPS Treaty signature, from the Prime Minister of Samoa! We’ve also heard from other Pacific Island states that they would like to sign. The fact that it is countries more than half a world away from the Arctic who show strong support for MAPS just shows that we are all in this together.

You seem to have some heavyweight support behind you. How did this come to be? 
I have a policy that if you don’t ask the answer is no. So I just showed up and asked. I mean, we are talking about a global crisis. Once people know about it they want to help. For example, my manager Rishi Deva and I met Tom Silverman, several years ago, and we hit it off. Tom pioneered hip-hop when he released Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa on his label Tommy Boy Records. That kind of conscious hip-hop was a revolution. It was about people coming together to make a positive change in the world. And then on a past visit to the UK, I spent time in Chris Porter’s studio. Chris produced Wham, Pet Shop Boys and many other artists I love. He is currently producing and touring with Robert Fripp and King Crimson, as well as helping to make MAPS a reality.

With, we’ve also been able to ally with scientific luminaries, such as the amazing Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Sylvia Earle, Time Magazine’s Hero for the Planet. We have a coalition website now at and many organizations have joined us.joined us.

The problem we are all facing now is huge, but the solution is amazingly simple: MAPS. And it is really easy to help. Everyone can sign and share the MAPS petition at

How do you see the music industry serving the world we live in today? 

From my perspective, the creative process, whether conscious or not, actually taps into a collective field of energy. So much so, that literally what we each do, think and create reflects and shifts the directive of our collective consciousness as a whole. With the power available to us today through the media, the role and corresponding responsibility of artists have never been so relevant. The music industry has undergone profound transformation in the past decade. But we have an opportunity to come together to heal the world through music, and that is what I am committed to.

This reminds me that as I was walking into the BBC in London for a meeting, I bumped into Robbie Williams who was on his way out the door. I spoke to him about having performed at the North Pole and the first thing he asked me was, “What did you sing?” I immediately responded, “My tunes, of course!” We both laughed, knowing that artists give voice to something that cannot be silenced.

People can sign the MAPS petition at, organizations can join the coalition at people can donate to the all-volunteer-run organization at To find out about Parvati’s creative works visit

Originally published at Cashbox Canada


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In each moment, there is infinite grace. By becoming more conscious as we practice yoga on the mat, at work, at play or in the nightclub, we let go of the unnecessary and develop greater internal spaciousness which blooms throughout our lives. In this space new life and possibilities arise.

As we rest our awareness on the simple purity and grace of the breath, we realize - we are alive! We let go of wanting things from the future and the past and open to what is here and now. We feel as vast as the sky and rooted in the richness of this moment.

When we “breathe to be”, we understand our interconnection. We see that we are not the doers but a part of the whole, the same energy that is in the flowers and in the stars. We know that our essence is divine - from which we have come, to which we return.

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When we are open, life blossoms, just as a flower opens to welcome the morning sun.  We see that the sun, though it is millions of light years away, has a tender yet powerful relationship with the flower, as do the rain and the clouds. From this perspective we see that we are part of the whole. Life is a symphonic masterpiece with which, when we are open, we are completely resonant.

As we come to understand our oneness, we can revel in it with wonder and joy. We can consider in awe how immense it all is. We can let go of the idea that an illusory, isolated sense of self could possibly be in control, and open to an exquisite unfolding of life in absolute perfection. Our actions become not about “me” but about the whole. Each moment is integrated within the whole. No one decision is separate.

When we begin to see that each decision we make affects not just ourselves but everyone and everything on the planet, we act with more compassion. When we have more compassion, we realize the impact of our actions and we naturally want less and practice more kindness. As stewards of the Earth, we each are called to learn to live in harmony with ourselves, each other and our planet. We all breathe the same air and live on the same living organism, our planet. Varied in race and creed, we are all one family, children of the same mother, the planet Earth.

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Hatha yoga, the physical practice of yoga, is just one of many aspects of yoga, which range from selfless service to astrology and prayer. The Sanskrit word “yoga” most simply translates to “union”, implying that the practice of any yoga will bring together our perceived sense of separateness. As a whole, yoga is an ancient science of life. It is a practical method of shedding excess and bringing us back from the self-delusion of separation from the divine so that we may realize our inherent interconnection to and ultimate oneness with it.

As we begin to understand that yoga is everywhere, we come to see how we are all connected in vast ways far beyond the limitations of our personal will and ego. What I do affects you, and vice versa. We are one earth family. At the heart of it all, we share the same heartbeat. Breathe to be. We are one.

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I am often asked what inspired me to bring yogic expression into the club scene. I answer easily. Yoga In the Nightclub is a natural expression of who I am as a musical artist and dedicated yogini. Yoga is not a physical practice but a way of life. It is about learning to be present in all one does, to see the divine here, now, in this moment. As such, yoga is everywhere. It is about feeling connected to something much greater than our limited ego or will. It is about being in service to life, feeling interconnected to that very life force. Yoga In The Nightclub is a celebration of life and a reminder that we can find awakened presence everywhere.

Yoga in the West is mostly known as a series of bendy physical exercises. Yet there is much more to it than fitness. Yoga’s systematic breath and body exercises, designed to clear the subtle channels in our energy system, prepare us for meditation, through which we may experience a life inspired by our interconnected, multidimensional true nature. Our body, that once was seen as “mine”, is no longer our identity, but a gift on loan from the divine. We care for it, but we are not attached to it. The practice of yoga offers us the opportunity to experience the transmutation of matter into pure light, embody the multidimensional and rest in the eternal.

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I am light!

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha
Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha
Gone, gone beyond. Oh what awakening!
Gone, gone beyond. Swaha!

I am light, dancing in delight!
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I am light, dancing in delight!
I am light, dancing through the night!
I am light, in delight!
I am light, dancing through the night!

I am the light (gate gate), liquid gold light (paragate)
I am in delight (gate gate) transforming the night (paragate)

Gone, gone beyond (gate gate)! Oh what awakening! (paragate) (I am)
Gone, gone beyond (gate gate)! Swaha!

I am light, dancing in delight
I am light, dancing through the night
I am light, in delight
I am light, dancing through the night

I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light (gate gate)
I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light (paragate)
I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light
I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light, I am light

I am light!

© 2015 Parvati Devi
After a paralyzing spinal injury, doctors doubted Parvati would ever walk again. They called her recovery miraculous. With immense gratitude, Parvati walked into her music studio and outpoured lush electronic symphonies interwoven with beats and mantras. A cinematic, multidimensional sonic expression of pure love in stereo and 5.1.
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      I Am Light (English Radio Edit) - Parvati

“An astonishing blend of devotion and delicious dance grooves.” - Yoga Magazine

“Fantastic electronic music that celebrates the gift of life and supports healing of our planet.” - CBC Radio 1

With lush layers of rapturous, effervescent sounds, juicy beats and soaring vocals, I Am Light is finding its home on top 40 radio around the globe. From the English version portraying a tender and glorious love affair, to the Sanskrit version resonant with ancient verses about going beyond the veils of perception, and the gorgeous 27-minute guided meditation, I Am Light is a luminous infusion of elation and wonder on every listen.
  • A refreshing top 40 radio song, poised to be an international hit
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The multilingual versions and remixes of this underground hit remind you to find awakened presence everywhere, even in the nightclub.

“Yoga In The Nightclub brings much-needed consciousness to the dance floor and does it on multiple levels.” - Tom Silverman
      Yoga in The Nightclub (English - House Mix) - Parvati
      Yoga Au Nightclub (French - House Mix) - Parvati
      Yoga in the Nightclub (German - House Mix) - Parvati
      Yoga En El Club Nocturno (Spanish - House Mix) - Parvati
      Yoga in the Nightclub (Whisper Twins vs SBD Remix) - Parvati
An immersive, oceanic, Grammy-contending New Age album, coming soon.
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An instant classic from the first four bars, Parvati’s masterfully produced celestial pop anthem Shanti Om proves her to be at her prime as a songwriter, producer and singer. The song’s positive message effortlessly imparts ethereal beauty to the pop mainstream with tight danceable beats, sparkling orchestration, catchy melodies, angelic vocals and sing-along hooky choruses. A timeless hit, memorable on its first listen and fresh after millions of plays.
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      Shanti Om (Radio Edit) - Parvati
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After a paralyzing spinal injury, doctors doubted Parvati would ever walk again. They called her recovery miraculous. With immense gratitude, Parvati walked into her music studio and outpoured lush electronic symphonies interwoven with beats and mantras. A cinematic, multidimensional sonic expression of pure love in stereo and 5.1.
      Ganesha - Parvati

“An astonishing blend of devotion and delicious dance grooves.” - Yoga Magazine

“Fantastic electronic music that celebrates the gift of life and supports healing of our planet.” - CBC Radio 1

      Closing Prayers - Parvati
The next blockbuster hit album, in development now.
      May All Beings Be Happy - Parvati
      Breathe To Be - Parvati
Parvati Magazine is a free monthly magazine dedicated to awakened living. Now in its sixth year of publication, Parvati Magazine publishes exclusive features with celebrities such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and other leaders and influencers in yoga, fitness, wellness, beauty and activism, as well as fresh new voices with compelling stories.
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This soulful expose and “roll-up-your-sleeves” practical workbook brings lucid clarity to how beginners and committed spiritual seekers alike can live a life of deep joy. Parvati’s writing has been likened to a potent, luminous and compassionate blend of Eckhart Tolle, Debbie Ford and Chögyam Trungpa. Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie is not simply a book, but an alchemical experience to powerfully transform life for the better.
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Produced by Harvey Goldsmith, Parvati, Chris Porter, Sat Bisla, Adam Nathan and Rishi Deva, MAPS is a star-studded, internationally broadcast one-day concert and VR experience to raise global awareness and support in declaring the area north of the Arctic Circle the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).
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This virtual immersive experience invites you to be a part of the sparkling, magical fairy forest that Natamba, a being of gold light from the Cosmic Intelligence, lights up in Parvati’s I Am Light music video. Explorers of all ages experience the delightful and treacherous aspects of the forest and engage with the helpful and tricky fairies, while guided by Natamba on a meditative, surround sound journey through the cosmos.
You are called on an alchemical journey by a mysterious card that you find in your taxi while on your way to a dance club. At the club, you meet your mystical guide Durga, the futuristic modern warrior goddess, who teaches you through yogic dance moves and super-powered meditations to transcend the darkness you see around you. You move beyond the world of duality, and enter the white world of Sci-Fi Yoga Disco Heaven. There you meet the goddess Shakti who teaches you to bring the energy of light and transformation wherever you may be. Now changed by the light of yoga, you return to the club, where you must teach your friends your new skills. Together, you will go out into the world as yogi warriors to face vampires, zombies, aliens and more on your quest to light up cities.
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Parvati's Yoga Bomb show becomes a VR experience for audiences around the world. Donning headsets, they can choose to dance with Durga on the dance floor or transport into Sci-fi Yoga Disco Heaven and learn new moves from Shakti. As they master the dance moves, they can gain virtual power-ups that light up the room, are broadcast on social media, and can convert to special offers for products and show merchandise.
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