We are so deeply grateful and proud to state that Kupid’s Play has allied with the international all-volunteer Parvati Foundation working to realize MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. MAPS is a 360ยบ initiative to awaken interconnection globally in order to protect all life. By safeguarding the Arctic Ocean, it protects our homes, food and water supplies, global immunity,
economic balance, social stability, and world peace.

The founder of Parvati Foundation is Parvati, a chart-topping, award-winning Canadian musician, author, and educator. She is a catalytic vehicle awakening interconnection for a healthy world. Its all-volunteer team includes world leaders, renowned humanitarians, scientific luminaries, environmental heroes, media moguls, and compassionate citizens everywhere.

GEM: Global Education for MAPS is Parvati Foundation’s and Kupid’s Play’s plan to realize MAPS at the speed required. It activates the most potent catalyst for social change: the hearts of humanity. By harnessing the power of modern media, it awakens interconnection and generates the international momentum of an unstoppable call from citizens and world leaders alike for a healthy world.