At Kupid’s Play, we love music and we love life. Specifically, our focus is on music that supports people being present for the awesome privilege of being alive. We are devoted to raising global consciousness by bringing artists who have the potential to make a positive impact on our beautiful planet through the commercial mainstream.

Our vision extends beyond traditional labels and management companies. We know positive possibilities are endless and that music is everywhere. We also know that in today’s digital landscape, the potential for artistic livelihood is great. Kupid’s Play actively seeks out creative opportunities to get its artists’ music to their fans in new ways. We build innovative revenue models by embracing new technologies in the current economic landscape.

Our team is creative, focused and strategic. We are passionate about supporting great music being seen and heard throughout this global village. We seek win-win relationships with our family of artists where their voices are heard and respected on the airwaves and in our boardrooms.