“There is an unabashed force of freshness that shines through all of Parvati’s work. Poised to make its mark on the charts, it’s effervescent, hooky, danceable, and at the same time feels deeply timeless.”

– Cashbox Canada

From Montreal, Canada, Parvati is a visionary musician, yogi, author and activist whose lifelong passion is to inspire a healthy world.

Repeatedly #1 on Electronica charts and voted Canada’s Best Musical Artist, Parvati has gained Top 40 radio airplay in over 15 countries, and appeared on Entertainment Tonight, BPM TV, YAN Media, CBC Radio, Asia Pop 40, and other media outlets globally. She writes, composes and produces highly accessible, sparkling, instant-feel-good gems that range from timeless anthemic ballads and cinematic, lushly orchestrated songs, to tight, hooky pop singles. Clear, radiant and honest, her angelic five-octave voice soars to effortless heights, resonates from the depths of the ocean and penetrates the heart. She creates fantastical shows, goddess-like characters and sci-fi costumes that elevate audiences around the world.

While on tour, Parvati also teaches yoga and self-help workshops. The co-founder of the University of Toronto’s Active Integration and Holistic Education Program, Parvati has owned yoga studios in Toronto and Montreal and developed the YEMTM: Yoga as Energy Medicine method, which helps people reconnect with life-force energy for health, wellbeing and happiness. A transformative practice for all levels, YEM bridges ancient yogic exercises with chi-energy work. CDs, DVDs, TV and books make YEM available everywhere.

Parvati’s writing has appeared in print publications around the world. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed monthly free Parvati Magazine, which recently gave a digital care package to millions to support resiliency, hope, and interconnection in light of the unprecedented challenges of 2020. She also offers a free ongoing weekly Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary workshop.

Following a recurring dream of lying on a frozen ocean while a great blue whale awaited below, Parvati traveled to the North Pole where she gave the northernmost musical performance ever to raise awareness of the melting polar ice. Founder and director of the all-volunteer international nonprofit Parvati Foundation, she dedicates all her work to safeguarding our world through the realization of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).

As part of GEM: Global Education for MAPS, Parvati has created seven albums (beginning with the pop album Ocean Anthem and its leadoff single 2020), 15 books (six non-fiction, including the upcoming Messenger in the Dark, and the nine-part Aonani of Avalon young adult fiction series), multiple yoga DVDs, anime, shows, and more.

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Parvati brings much needed consciousness to the dance floor and she does it on multiple levels.
Tom Silverman, pioneer of Hip Hop, National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Heroes Award. Lifetime Achievement Recipient.
There is an unabashed force of freshness that shines through all of Parvati’s work. Poised to make its mark on the charts, it’s effervescent, hooky, danceable, and at the same time feels deeply timeless.
Cashbox Canada
Parvati's song "I Am Light" is a beautiful pop song with a positive message as well as excellent production quality. EON and Asia Pop 40 are proud to bring the world-exclusive premiere of this hit in the making.
Dom Lau, Asia Pop 40 Host
Parvati is a unique phenomenon in the music industry. She is someone who brings together music, spirituality, physical and mental health and a social conscience! Her commitment is total and she deserves to be a huge success.
Chris Porter, producer to George Michael, Pet Shop Boys and David Bowie
Parvati is a unique and gifted yoga instructor with a rare ability to see and clear energy blocks.
Yoga Magazine (UK)
Between Parvati’s music and teachings, I am so impressed with her and I don’t impress easily.
Suzanna Stickney, News Radio (USA)
Not only does Parvati make music, she goes out into the world making people aware of what is going on. This is perfect.
Joni Yung, The Accidental Yogist
Parvati is an expert in her field. She relates beautifully to participants and has great presence.
EC, Yoga Teacher, London, UK