For sync opportunities of all kinds, Kupid’s Play offers easily cleared 100% original content with lyrics or instrumentals from symphonic to new age, from ambient to deep house, and dance to pop. For licensing inquiries, please contact [email protected]


Kupid’s Play Management has unbounded vision. We work to support art as international commerce, while treating commerce like international art. Our management team is at the forefront of developing innovative opportunities and strategy. As such, we have created a new music model that supports the artist being seen, heard, played and paid.

We work collaboratively with our artists. We want to know where you want to go so we can help you get there. Artists on our roster are supported through excellent long-term strategic planning and day-to-day operations so that they can shine in the studio, on the road and on press circuits. We know that artistic health is central to our business’s well-being.



Kupid’s Play partners with developing and established high-caliber songwriters and performers to help expose their music to the world. In collaboration with our worldwide partners, we focus on proficient administration of copyrights and high-profile film and TV placements. We work with transparency and flexibility helping the artists’ music work for them.


We know artists work hard to create great music. Yet, to get great music out into the world to make a living from it takes an incredible amount of work and knowledge. We believe that all artists should be empowered with the skills to either be their own label or management, or at the least be able to strategize with a great business team.

We offer a variety of music business consulting skills to meet any stage of development within a music career. Whether you are writing a grant, creating a business plan, seeking short-term advice or ready for a long-term business relationship, Kupid’s Play helps your artistic voice be heard.