Sophisticated, Multi-talented Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Performer and Yogini

Region: Canada
Genre: Post New Age Electronic Dance-Pop

Conceived in a field of snow angels in Montreal and escorted into this world on New Year's Eve by a man in a tuxedo, Parvati was destined for greatness. Inspired by French disco, polyphonic New Wave, the symphonic sounds of Nature, the romantic classics, the laughter of the Buddha, and the sound of the human spirit, Parvati writes, produces and performs pop ballads, powerhouse dance anthems, and lush, sophisticated and textural electronic landscapes.

When Parvati is not touring she is creating music, fiddling with dials and switches with the reckless abandon of an innocent child in a toyshop and with the ardent fervor of a genius at work. Parvati is known for richly multi-layered music, a cornucopia of ever-fresh sounds in which listeners discover new treats even on the thousandth listen, and remain in wonder of what is synthesized and what is actually her expressive five-octave voice.

Parvati broke into the electronic scene spearheading the Post New Age genre with the boundary-breaking independent success hit "Yoga in the Nightclub", now the basis for a new album of songs that combine fierce dance grooves and the lush electronic soundscapes she is known for, with traditional devotional Sanskrit chants to the Divine Mother. Parvati says, "Yoga in the Nightclub is about the coming together of two apparent opposites. When we hold them both, we open to the field of possibility. Yoga in the Nightclub reminds us that we can find awakened presence everywhere."

Whether Parvati performs as herself or as her alter ego Natamba, an intergalactic being of liquid gold, her electrifying stage presence brings to life for audiences the brilliant field of interconnection that she calls home.

One day, while meditating by the backwaters of Kerala, India, divine laughter rippled through Parvati's being and manifested as a ray of gold light called Natamba. Natamba embodies the divine potential within everyone. Her super power is to transform a barren world into a technicolor paradise.

Parvati's revolutionary music and inspired shows are a bridge to otherness, portraying mind-expanding ideas through sonic architecture, fantastical costumes and vivid visuals. Parvati is touring her show "YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub" through the US in 2012. She continues to tour her show "Natamba" internationally.

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